Pou Chong Brothers
Pvt. Ltd., for the past 50 years has always been committed to providing quality products and services. This commitment has made it a symbol of quality and trust. We have been operating across three different areas, Chinese food products, Jewellery and Leather. 

It is our vision to see that our Chinese food products reach every Chinese cuisine lovers worldwide, building a culinary cultural bridge between East and West. Our product range has grown from Soya Sauce to encompass Gourmet Sauces and food items. From our Soya Sauce to our Chilli Sauce, we strive to bring the best ingredients, technology, and know-how to our products. All our products are pure vegetable products. Every day, our market research and product development teams work to produce more exquisite tasting sauces and food products.

At Pou Chong International, we manufacture and export exclusive, original, handcrafted jewelry, offering vast assortment of gold jewelry in 18, 22 and 24-karat gold. Our diverse selection of gold jewelry ranges from simple necklaces to elaborate wedding bands, from spiritual religious pieces to playful caricature charms. We offer a style of gold jewelry for every customer that allows him or her to express their cultural and individual identities. For 50 years Pou Chong International has been offering original creation to many retail jewelers in Hong Kong, U.K., Middle East and places beyond. All jewelries are guaranteed as per international standard in purity, quality and workmanship. Pou Chong International was presented the Certificate of Appreciation by the World Gold Council as a token of their excellent craftsmanship of the jewelry fabricated for the Swarnanjali Awards 1999. The Swarnanjali Award, instituted by the World Gold Council, is India’s premier award for 22-carat gold jewelry. 

Sheong Shi Tannery is an integral unit of Pou Chong Brothers
Pvt. Ltd. exclusively is a manufacturer of finished leathers. Every piece of leather that ships out of Sheong Shi Tannery comes up to the global standard. Paramount importance is given to the feel of the leather. It should feel soft and supple, but at the same time remain strong and supportive.


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